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Here to stay.

Celebrating 10 years and 1,000 homes milestone.

At Elevate, we don’t like to go with the flow. We like to challenge the norm and deliver the unexpected. We go where our instincts take us. To places where we can bring new meaning to historical icons or create new landmarks that revitalise our region’s communities. We focus on keeping the best of what’s good and then we make it better.

Holywell Chapel


Commercially Savvy.

Quality of design and quality of build are equal partners in our process. We use time honoured building practices to support ground breaking design. The results are evident in our track record of delivering strong returns from bespoke developments that capitalise on location and redefine local heritage.



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Queensway House


Sustainable legacies.

We’re in the business of regeneration, so for us change is opportunity. We take structures and environments that have outlived their original purpose and through intelligent, sustainable design we give them a new lease of life. And in doing so we transform the personality of a place and build character within a community.

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Experience is everything.

Elevate exists to strengthen the connections between people and places. It’s not just another property to us, it’s a way to live. Through progressive partnering we create places that enhance the local landscape and celebrate the diversity of the local community.

New relationships built around experience.



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Exactly What It Seems Image

Exactly what it seems.

We pride ourselves on providing creative and unique homes that make a statement yet still perform as functional living spaces.

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We unlock opportunities that others haven’t seen.

Our expert consultancy team and creative direction provide significant enhancement to the viability of most developments.



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More for less.

We deliver on our vision. From the drawing board to the finished development we turn potential into profit. Through design and an in-depth understanding we drive increased revenues.

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Stand our ground.

With over 30 years of construction industry expertise our approach is tailored and scalable. From prestige heritage restorations to ambitious mid century conversions or contemporary new builds we are well equipped to take on the challenge.

We work with like minded teams of individuals to ensure our developments are defined by quality and consistently delivered with professionalism.



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Art + Graft.

Art + Graft.

Urban Myths.

For us, bricks and mortar is never enough. We go beyond the ordinary by commissioning local artists to create unique art pieces that work in harmony with our sites and give our buildings their stand out identity. These artworks are taking on a life of their own and becoming modern day urban myths.

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Queensway Night
Dont Ask

Performance + facts.

Our balance sheet strength and access to various lines of credit provide us with a substantial funding pool currently well in excess of £150m+.

500+ new homes in the production pipe line

1000+ new homes completed since incorporation in 2011

£30m+ Shareholders Funds

£250m development value of active sites

10 years of sustained growth

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Here to stay