Trent Bridge Quays – offering the perfect combination for homeowners

Location, location, location. That’s always a top factor to consider when buying your next home. But in 2022, there’s no doubt that the rising cost of living will play a part.

The expected hike in energy bills, the extra cash needed to fill up the car for the commute and increasing maintenance costs for older homes are all expected to sway how purchasers decide on where to buy in the coming months.

But one riverside development in Nottingham is proving to be a hit thanks to its amazing setting next to the River Trent as well as its affordability for prospective homeowners.

Elevate Property Group, the Midlands’ premier independent property developer, is behind Trent Bridge Quays – a blend of contemporary townhouses and apartments which offer the best of both worlds to buyers. Location and affordability. 

Elevate’s sales and marketing director David Hofton says would-be homeowners want to have some certainty on future costs when buying a new home.

“We have a looming cost of living crisis, rising inflation and wages are not keeping up. At the same time, buyers still want that perfect location and to have some level of control over the household bills which are expected to increase.

“At Trent Bridge Quays, thanks to good insulation and effective double glazing, the energy efficiency ratings of our properties are good which means lower heating and electricity bills.

“When you add in their location on the promenade along the river, almost everything is within a 15 minute walking or cycling distance. A number of our existing buyers frequently travel to work in the city centre by e-scooter or e-bike, cutting out the fuel cost of a car commute completely.”

Most of the four-bedroom townhouses and two-bed apartments, including penthouses, at Trent Bridge Quays have a ‘B’ EPC rating – which means they’re more energy efficient than more than 90% of homes across the rest of the country.

David added: “We’re also removing the spectre of potential hidden costs for buyers. As a new build, there little chance of potential added costs which can happen if sales fall through because of a stalling upward chain. And of course, costs of looking after a property increase with the age of a building, which means our new build properties are simply much cheaper to maintain.”

Prices at Trent Bridge Quays start at £220,000. Discover more on Trent Bridge Quays here.